Editorial policy

Mūzikas akadēmijas raksti is a national peer-reviewed musicology journal published by Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music. The aim of Mūzikas akadēmijas raksti is to expand theoretical and methodological approaches and perspectives in music and performing arts, covering a wide range of related research areas from the traditional historical musicology to the artistic research of performing musicians.

Who can publish?

For publication, we select the articles that are based on the general theoretical and methodological principles of humanities. These principles must be reflected in original, non-duplicating articles, which are expected to comply with high academic standards.


Submitted articles are checked by the scientific editor of the particular issue and the editor-in-chief. After the initial evaluation of the overall quality of the article and the compliance to the author’s guidelines, the article is subject to anonymous double-blind peer review performed by the invited experts of the research field. The peer-reviewing process is anonymous and implemented through the online system. Reviewers evaluate the paper following reviewing guidelines. The author introduces corrections based on the reviewer’s suggestions up to the moment when the editor either accepts it for publication or rejects it.

Publication Frequency

The journal Mūzikas akadēmijas raksti is published on annual basis. The publisher can decide to publish two issues in a year or opt for a special edition devoted to some particular thematic focus, special event or similar.  Regardless the year of the issue, the numbers of the issues are indicated in turn.

Open Access Policy

Mūzikas akadēmijas raksti is an open access journal.  The content of the journal is fully available to anyone for free. Its aim is to expand the knowledge of the general audiences about the newest research in musicology and related research fields and ensure the availability of the articles to the students and other interested parties.  

Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

Mūzikas akadēmijas raksti as a journal is free from discrimination against authors, editors or peer reviewers based on personal characteristics or identity.

We ensure the confidentiality of peer-reviewers and prevent the potential conflicts of interests between the authors, editorial board and peer-reviewers that might arise. The editor-in-chief and the scientific editor of the issue share the responsibility in the supervision of peer-reviewing and publication processes.

Authors are required to ensure their submitted article is their original research and has not been previously published or has not been submitted to another journal for consideration. If they to include any images, tables or data visualization material in their articles for which they do not hold copyright, they are responsible for obtaining written permission.

The plagiarism is not tolerated in publications. The Editorial Board reserves the right to check all submissions through appropriate plagiarism checking tools. Submissions containing suspected plagiarism, in whole or part, will be rejected.

Deposition of a preprint or final version on the author’s personal website, in an institutional repository, or in a preprint archive will not be viewed as prior or duplicate publication.

Where we are made aware of fraudulent research or research misconduct by an author of a publication of Mūzikas akadēmijas raksti, the relevant editor(s) will investigate. Any publication found to include fraudulent results will be retracted, or an appropriate correction or expression of concern will be issued.

Any concerns and complaints related to the publishing process should be addressed by email to the editor-in-chief.